Mattie’s Mysteries

One series, three terrific books!

FrontCoverTheTroubleWithMattieSet in the hills of western North Carolina, The Trouble with Mattie is the story of the youthful, dynamic, comical, and recently widowed Mattalie Morgan, whose conniving stepdaughter dumps her in a crooked housing set-up for “needy” adults, turning Mattie’s world upside down.  But the housing owners don’t care; they’re sharks.  Soon, the non-conventional Mattie rocks the place with covert kick-the-can games and protest parties, while battling the ranks and her stepdaughter, who’s flown the coop with Mattie’s estate money.
Filled with comic antics, romance, quirky characters, and even crooks, The Trouble with Mattie will press every emotional button you possess.

A Trip to the Water's EdgeTake a couple of fun-loving gals who witness a murder, add to that a food poisoning problem, throw in some fun with an aerobics class and a laughable attempt to “cook from a real recipe,” and you have the makings for another hilarious adventure.  Mattie Mitchell and her friend Clare are a pair that seem to attract trouble.  While out hiking they witness a murder, later they get involved in uncovering the truth behind a potential poisoning plot, and if that isn’t enough their attempts at pottery nearly run their instructor into retirement!  But can Mattie and her friend solve all of these mysteries before they become victims themselves?  Read A Trip to the Water’s Edge and find out.

Front Cover The MessageThe Internet can be a dangerous place.  Mattie Mitchell and her pal, Clare Tibbits, two spunky mid-lifers, discover a mysterious message on a laptop.  In The Message, a slick operator on an online dating site talks lonely widows into parting with their money for noble purposes—his.  Mattie boldly makes contact with the predator, but how is she going to get him onto her turf?  When he agrees to her terms, she fears she might be in over her head.  Ultimately, fate works in her favor and Mattie shows what she’s truly made of.  But there are a few surprises along the way: Mattie’s perfect plan backfires, and she discovers new friend, Angela, isn’t quite the person she appears to be.