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To all my friends . . .

Dear Readers, This will be my last blog post for a while.  The complications of everyday life make blogging at this time more of a burden than the pleasant process it ought to be.  I hope you have enjoyed my … Continue reading

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For Better or for Worse

You’ve probably all heard the common complaint: “All I did was reach into a bathroom cabinet when I felt a sudden pain slash through my back.”  Or, “I was just getting up out of my chair when a jolt of … Continue reading

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They mean well, but . . .

Psst . . . Mattie here.  I’ve been eavesdropping.  (No—Really?)   I thought I’d share with you a few, ahem, “observations” of well-meaning, non-writers, whose remarks I just happened to overhear while my creator, Mary A. Berger, was promoting her books. … Continue reading

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Is Open Mic Reading Right for You?

Are you uncertain of your public speaking talents?  Do you wonder if the prose you’ve written has enough appeal to share publicly with others? One method of countering the wim-wams (butterflies) of public speaking is through open mic readings. In … Continue reading

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Mattie Says Welcome! by Mary A. Berger

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to Mattie’s new spot here on WordPress.  As usual, I (or should I say Mattie?) will be on hand to keep you up to date with Mattie’s shenanigans and adventures.  I try to maintain control of my … Continue reading

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