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Mud Pie Therapy

“This is too much,” I moaned, upon checking my inbox.  Six rejections in five days.  All those thanks-but-no-thanks responses were enough to make me wish I’d taken up zoology instead of creative writing. Years ago, before I started writing books, … Continue reading

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The Super Market That Cares

Recently, when a new supermarket opened right around the corner, I was thrilled. Opening Day, with all its bells and whistles, held the promise of the store being my new favorite. The parking lot has been packed every day, and … Continue reading

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Flatlanders on the Loose

With the spring planting season fast approaching, the mild weather takes me back to our earlier days, some thirty years ago, when my husband and I first relocated to this mountainous area of western North Carolina. We were prepared for … Continue reading

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I’m Hot—He’s Cold!

Ever notice how even the smallest irritation can make you crazy?  I’m talking about the differences we share with our significant other.  Often these quirks are minor and barely worth your time . . . except when they rob you … Continue reading

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